Friday, 4 July 2014


A MTV Video Music Award is a grant introduced by the link channel MTV to respect the best in the music feature medium. Initially imagined as an option to the Grammy Awards, the yearly MTV Video Music Awards service has frequently been known as the "Oscars for youth", an affirmation of the VMA function's capacity to draw a large number of youth from teenagers to twenty-year-olds every year. By 2001, the VMA had turned into a desired award. The statue given to champs is a space explorer on the moon, one of the soonest representations of MTV. The statue was brought about by Manhattan Design likewise fashioners of the first MTV logo focused around the 1981 "Top of the Hour" activity made by Fred Seibert, created by Alan Goodman, and delivered by Buzz Potamkin at Buzzco Associates. The yearly VMA service happens before the end of summer and held either in late August or mid-September, and telecast live on MTV. The primary VMA function was held in 1984 at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. The services are ordinarily held in either New York City or Los Angeles.